Developing a brand identity is no longer optional in aviation’s competitive marketplace

Brand MarketingA brand is not just a mascot, a logo or an advertising slogan. It’s a combination of all these elements and much more. A brand is the sum total of all the emotions, thoughts, images, history, possibilities and gossip that exist in the marketplace about your company – and is most effective when it makes an emotional connection to your customer, creating a loyal customer base, greater sales and higher margins, positive press and reviews, and word-of-mouth referrals.

Aviation Marketing Consulting will create a memorable brand for your aviation/aerospace company that communicates your business’s core values, principles and benefits in a manner that will resonate with your core customers.

Every business has a brand image

It doesn’t matter if you’re a sole proprietor or a large global corporation; your business conveys an identity (brand image) to your customers. Every business has a brand. It’s better to actively define it rather than have it develop piecemeal or, worse yet, have your competitors define it for you (and not it a positive way).

At best, a casual attitude toward your brand can be a non-factor. At worst, it can be a significant drag on your business and an impediment to your growth.

Why is branding important?

Consumers make judgments about your business and its products or services from the moment they first come in contact with them. They make subliminal evaluations of all the aspects through which your company “touches” them: your name and logo, the colors and design of your packaging, the claims in your advertising, what the press says about your business, what activities or charities it sponsors, where it’s located, and even the CEO. All these factors form strong and lasting impressions and directly influence whether or not someone will do business with you.

Branding and identity

Your brand can generate tremendous value when it becomes embedded in your customer’s psyche and delivers a desirable feeling or identity – pleasure, happiness, security, success and affinity to a particular group or ideal are a few examples. Then, once a “brand feeling/identity” is established, people will develop an emotional bond with, and a love for, their favorite brands. They trust them, identify with them and become fiercely loyal. They’ll seek out their preferred brand and shun all other choices, even those offering a lower price or more features. Like religion, brand loyalty becomes a very personal and powerful thing.

“If you are not a brand, you are a commodity.”
Philip Kotler, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

Let Aviation Marketing Consulting create a memorable brand for your company that communicates your business’s core values, principles and benefits in a manner that will resonate with your core customers.

The Brand Bulls-Eye

Bull's-EyeA “bull’s-eye” can be used to represent a brand’s attributes. Every brand has at its core a set of benefits or functionality. However, the rings that surround the core have a bigger impact on the brand’s success and give it additional value.

The contents of the surrounding rings determine the characteristics of the brand and differentiate it from the competition. They define the appeal to customers who appreciate these distinctions when making their brand choice.

Top Global Brands

The following list represents the top 10 brands in the world. They have a combined value of over $450 billion. Every one of these companies has numerous competitors and faces ongoing challenges to their industry leadership, yet the list remains virtually unchanged year after year. Why? The power of branding!

Rank Company Value in $ Millions Country
 1 Coca-Cola 71,861 U.S.
 2 IBM 69,905 U.S.
 3 Microsoft 59,087 U.S.
 4 Google 55,317 U.S.
 5 GE 42,808 U.S.
 6 McDonald’s 35,593 U.S.
 7 Intel 35,217 U.S.
 8 Apple 33,492 U.S.
 9 Disney 29,018 U.S.
10 HP 28,479 U.S.

Source: Interbrand, 2011