Direct Mail/Marketing – Getting it delivered to who you want, when you want

Whether direct mail or email marketing, Aviation Marketing Consulting puts the power of targeted, database-driven direct marketing at your disposal.

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Direct Marketing is an excellent tool for generating immediate response and sales

We’re all probably more familiar with direct mail than we’d like: sales letters, postcards, brochures, catalogs, newsletters, product samples or a combination of these. Most are never opened and quickly placed in the circular file cabinet. However, that doesn’t mean direct mail cannot be an important tool in your marketing mix.

This type of marketing can generate immediate sales and is excellent for niche markets. Like advertising, you control the message and when it appears. However, like advertising, direct mail can also prove costly.

Utilizing sophisticated database information and techniques, a sales message can be crafted specifically to target an audience with a high predisposition to purchase your product or service. The offer is sent directly to your target customer, usually by mail, with an immediate offer to purchase.

According to Bob Bly, author of several books on direct marketing, effective direct mail packages need three components: the right audience (or list), the right offer and the right copy. To obtain the right list, contact a reputable mailing list broker and provide the demographic and geographic criteria that match your ideal customer profile. In your direct mail piece/package, include an offer that is powerful enough to get customers to take action – a free prize, a free trial, a sizeable discount, a guarantee, a sweepstakes, whatever. And the sales offer itself must be written to hold their attention, whether for the length of a postcard or a ten-page letter. (This is where a seasoned copywriter with direct mail expertise comes in handy.)

Let Aviation Marketing Consulting put the power of targeted, database-driven direct marketing at your disposal to promote your aviation/aerospace company.

Print on Demand is Changing the Face of Direct Mail

On-Demand Postcard PrintingWith the advent of Print On Demand (POD) technology, the data in a mailing list can be merged at the same time a mailing piece is being printed, providing a truly personalized presentation.

Here is an excellent example of how POD created a highly effective direct mail piece. When my daughter, Olivia, was looking at colleges, she received this postcard from Monmouth College. What made the postcard stand out? Her name and the year she would graduate from college were emblazoned across an aerial banner on the front. On the back of the postcard was a photo of a diploma featuring her name and the URL of a website personalized just for her.

This is an example of smart integrated marketing – using direct mail, database marketing and the web to create a truly personalized marketing campaign.  Even though my daughter never attended Monmouth College, I was so impressed I kept the card in my swipe file of great marketing examples.

“Direct Mail Marketing is a quick way to both annoy people and get them to call you to find out more.”
Jared Braverman, Designer