FBO Marketing

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Aviation Marketing Consulting has the knowledge and expertise to serve a wide range of aviation businesses.


Launching an economic engine – An airport is often overlooked as an economic engine for a community. Aviation Marketing Consulting turns doubters into supporters by communicating the benefits of a local airport through advertising, community-based grassroots marketing and public relations programs. We’ve worked with neighborhood and community organizations, as well as local, state, and federal officials to help build support for local airports, Aviation Marketing Consulting also provides education and lobbying support for common airport/community concerns, such as noise abatement, zoning and housing encroachment.


Aviation Marketing Consulting will help make your FBO the choice for pilots and operators – By providing important key services and amenities, and by doing the little things which pilots and aircraft operators appreciate, we build goodwill for your facility and position it as the FBO of choice at your airport or region – putting your FBO at a tremendous competitive advantage. We do an evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of your operation and provide recommendations to improve your offerings and highlight the competitive your advantages. Our FBO marketing program achieves top-of-mind awareness among of pilots and charter operators for your FBO.

Air Charter & Management Services

Keep the dollars flying – In the aircraft charter business, it is paramount to keep aircraft busy flying people to their destinations. Aviation Marketing Consulting understands charter aircraft have very expensive fixed costs with loan payments, hangar and tie down fees, insurance as well as other expenses usually fixed and constant whether aircraft is flying or sitting on the ground. Aviation Marketing Consulting’s marketing efforts will build awareness and generate leads from brokers and retail air charter customers.

Avionics and Electronics

Placing technology in the cockpit – If your company manufactures avionics or other aviation related electronics equipment, we can help promote your products to your target audience – whether it be the owner/pilot, maintenance & repair facilities or corporate flight departments.

Maintenance and Repair Facilities

Want straight talk about aircraft maintenance and repair marketing? Then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve helped MROs position themselves effectively against competition to not only get more business, but the right kind of business for you!

Flight Schools & Academies

The next generation of pilots take wing – Preparing the next generation of aviation pilots, mechanics and technicians is challenging and rewarding for flight schools and aeronautical academies. Aviation Marketing Consulting offers an honest and precise assessment of the strengths of your facility and determines how to attract new students and improve retention once enrolled.

Associations, Organizations & Non-Profits

Meeting the needs of all stakeholders – Marketing for non-profit aviation associations and organizations must take into account the needs of both their consumers and donors. Aviation Marketing Consulting will help your non-profit organization achieve its objectives through an effective marketing effort that maximizes the visibility of the organization to consumers while also making a positive impact on donors.

Regional Airlines

Improving profitability and avoiding industry turbulence – Regardless of aviation turbulence that reach far into our industry, air travel remains a large and growing industry. In this competitive and volatile market, Aviation Marketing Consulting draws from its aviation expertise to develop and execute a marketing program to expand passenger base, increase revenue passenger mile, and improve load factor.

Light Sport & Experimental Aircraft

Meeting the needs of light sport and recreation pilots – With the advent of the light sport classification, an entire new market of potential aviators is waiting to discover the wonders of flying. Aviation Marketing Consulting offers light sport or experimental aircraft manufacturers the expertise necessary to educate and inspire this enthusiastic audience.