Advertising - An Important Marketing tool
Advertising – an important component of
your marketing toolbox.

A big step in developing an integrated marketing plan is deciding which tactics will best support your larger strategy. You have to consider their individual strengths, weaknesses and costs to find the right mix.

And in aviation, complex, high-dollar sales are the norm, making the efficient use of marketing resources especially critical.

So how do you choose which tactics to implement? Over at the InSight Marketing blog, we’re featuring a series of posts on common marketing tactics – weighing their pros and cons and providing tips to use them more effectively.

In the first post, we delve into traditional advertising to help you determine whether it’s an appropriate tool for your next campaign. You’ll learn:

  1. Why advertising is still an important part of most marketing plans
  2. What it does better than online marketing
  3. Where advertising falls short
  4. 4 ways to get more from your ads

Read the post “Your Marketing Toolbox: Advertising” for more …