While lines, security clearance, traffic, and even volcanic ash have caused havoc with business travel, inventive companies are coming up with unique solutions for those who must fly frequently for business.

One interesting business travel alternative was recently introduced by Panorama Flight Service, a mid-sized charter firm located at Westchester County Airport just outside New York City. The new program, Your Flight Department (YFD), is essentially your own, private mini airline ready to fly at your convenience, 24/7, whenever and wherever you need to fly.

With YFD, a fast, high-performance aircraft with experienced, certified pilots are assigned exclusively to you. Designed to accommodate up to three passengers, YFD will transport you and your team anywhere within a 600 mile radius in less than 3 hours. The best news is that the service is surprisingly affordable, significantly less than flying first class, and without the hassle of flying commercial — no traffic delay driving to the airport, no waiting at the terminal, no security hassles, no connecting flights. It is simply parking lot to runway: 20 minutes tops — and, yes, you can keep your shoes on!

This personal flight service is not exclusively for the Fortune 500 CEO; the program offers significant tax advantages, which drops the cost down for small business owners and executives who travel frequently. With YFD, your time becomes more productive with added flexibility and convenience in travel arrangements.

With the YFD, Panorama handles all aircraft management and staffing. All you do is call and let them know where and when you want to go; your aircraft and pilot will be waiting on the ramp.  There you have it: your own mini airline for less than flying commercial.

Panorama is clearly on to something. With commercial air travel becoming one big headache, smart aviation executives are providing cost-effective travel alternatives to the big airlines. Hey, just the savings on aspirin alone makes the program worthwhile.

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