Recently, we updated the website for our client, Panorama Flight Services. They added a Citation Mustang to their fleet of jets available for charter and wanted a new page devoted to this aircraft.

After creating the page, I suggested that just because they built the page, it doesn’t mean customers will find it on the web. They really needed to optimize their website to improve their ranking when someone does a search through Google, Yahoo or MSN for aircraft to charter.

Search Engine Optimization is an important tool in aviation marketing. At Aviation Marketing Consulting, we have become expert in optimizing websites for search engines. It’s a somewhat complex and ever-changing endeavor, as there are over 100 factors that contribute to how high your website will rank for a particular search term, and there are no hard and fast rules to follow. Sometimes a couple of simple elements will get you on page 1 of Google and other times it’s a long and laborious process.

However, with enough patience, expertise and follow-through, good (even great) results can be achieved, which can lead to more sales and customers!

FYI, if want to find out how well we did for Panorama, go to Google and do a search for “aircraft charter new york,”  Panorama Flight Service’s aircraft charter webpage was ranked #1 in the organic search listings as of this posting.